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Wildcat Trophy: First Wildcat Trophy Day Event in 2009.

A race within a race, the Wildcat Trophy, historically the Bowler-Trophy, and with the help of cross-country promoters, was created by Eugenie Decré in 2007 and run for the first time with the Pharaons Rally. The same format was used in 2008. Every year interest in the Wildcat Trophy has been growing and developing. The 1st Wildcat Trophy Day Event was held on 29th August of this year in south of France. The event was a great success.

More than seventy participants entered with eight different nationalities represented (French, Swiss, UK, Netherlands, Congo, Algeria, Portugal and Italy). The Cummins’ team with Patrick Sireyjol, Rainer Wissman, Pierre Lachaume; the Raidlynx team with Jérôme Pélichet, Checco Tonnetti, Edmond Pélichet; and Michel Visy entered with the very latest car just out of the QTService workshop. The LH Assistance team, with Thierry Charbonnier’s car showed with the latest version diesel engine. The drivers enjoyed the day and appreciated being able to see the latest technical developments.

In addition constructors and parts suppliers such as QTServices, Ohlins, KPM, Donerre (for dampers), Sadev (first appearance of their sequential gearbox) and Filipe Correia to promote his crabots gearbox were also present. Also in attendance were Lydie Azpizou representing the Africa Race and no less than six reporters.

The Corbières Développement site provided us with two different racetracks. In the morning we raced a typical cross-country race with all the usual obstacles and dangers. In the afternoon we used a more technical "WRC" track. The presence of so many complete teams amidst the magnificent "garrigue" landscape created a true rally atmosphere, we felt like being in the middle of the steppe.

The day closed with an evening party at the Chateau de Bonnafous. The great atmosphere was highlighted with the awarding of the 2008 Wildcat Trophy supported by Jean-Louis Schlesser and Hubert Auriol. The Trophy was won by Patrick Sireyjol and Paul Vidal, team Cummins for one year and it will be challenged again in 2010. The ranked drivers received a prize in crystal and champagne was abundant! QTServices, represented by Dave Marsh, presented QT vouchers to the first three ranked teams.

Wildcat Trophy 2008 Ranking

01) Patrick Sireyjol & Paul Vidal I Team Cummins
02) Jérôme Pélichet & Eugénie Decré I Team Raidlynx
03) Gilles Billaut & Denis Schurger I Team Cummins
04) Edmond Pélichet & Pascal Ferrand I Team Raidlynx
05) Philippe Boutron & Jean-Luc Martin I Team Cummins
06) Rainer Wissmanns & Pierre Lachaume I Team Cummins

2010, the first event will be at the Africa Eco Race, one of the longest cross-country rallies. Then the Trophy will probably be further contested in 2-3 other events. The calendar will be announced around November. The Wildcat Trophy Day Event has been a great success so this event will take place again during spring 2010 under the same conditions with, of course, some innovations. Rankings from the OiLibya Rally (run in the spring) and the Pharaons Rally (taking place in the autumn 3rd up to 12th of October) will be used for the Wildcat Trophy 2009.

Provisional 2009 ranking

01) Jérôme Pélichet & Eugénie Decré I Team Raidlynx I 35 pts
02) Checco Tonetti & Marco Borsi I Team Raidlynx I 30 pts
03) Eric Morin & Mayeul Barbet I Team Eric Morin Competition I 17 pts
04) Yannick Commagnac & Didier Bigot I Team Reflex I 14 pts
05) Pierre Lachaume & David Malartre I Team Cummins I 12 pts
06) Philippe Boutron & Jean-Luc Martin I Team Intermarché I 10 pts

2009/09/17 | 16:46 CET | Editor: MR/HS/Eugenie Decré

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