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WSORR 2007: Ben Wandahsega maintains Super Trucks point Lead

For Saturday’s WSORR Round VII Super Trucks race Ben had to start at the far right of the hill, which made it hard getting into corner one as his starting position was the furthest away from the first corner. Just as suspected Ben got pushed wide going into corner one and settled into the fourth position. Dave Waldvogel got the holeshot followed by Dan Baudoux and Don Williams.

Bark River’s racing groove is mostly one lane and if you fall out of line you usually go backwards. As Ben tried to pass Williams for third he got sideways, out of the groove and lost the fourth spot to Keith Steele. That’s right where Wandahsega and his Forest Co. Potawatomi/Toyo Tires Chevy would finish on this day.

Round VII Results:

1. Dan Baudoux
2. Dave Waldvogel
3. Don Williams
4. Keith Steele
5. Ben Wandahsega
6. Ken Hallgreen
7. Jace Schubert
8. James Wrobleski
9. Rick Hinman.

At the start of Sunday’s Round VIII action, it looked much of the same for Wandahsega as he spun his tires on the start and got a horrible start coming out in fifth place once again. Up front Baudoux took the lead with Waldvogel, Williams and Steele in tow.

But this time with a different tire groove and some advice from his spotter RJ Flannagan, Ben was able to make some moves for position. On lap two, Ben took over third from Williams and then ran down Waldvogel for the runner up spot. Ben tried to dial in the leader but Baudoux had stretched his lead out too far at this point. Ben just put it on cruise mode the last couple of laps to save his equipment with the all important points race in the back of his mind.

Round VIII Results:

1. Dan Baudoux
2. Ben Wandahsega
3. Dave Waldvogel
4. Don Williams
5. Ken Hallgreen
6. Keith Steele
7. Rick Hinman
8. Jace Schubert
9. James Wrobleski.

In the Super Trucks point standings Ben went into the Bark River weekend leading over Waldvogel by eleven, lost five points to him on Saturday but gained two points back on Sunday and now leads all competitors by eight.

WSORR Super Truck point standings:

1. Ben Wandahsega-168
2. Dave Waldvogel-160
3. Don Williams-150
4. Dan Baudoux-128
5. Ken Hallgreen-110
6. Keith Steele-110
7. James Wrobleski-98
8. Jace Schubert-86
9. Gary Gottchalk-28
10. Rick Hinman-26
11. Zane Roberts-14.

Next up for Team Wandahsega is The Borgwarner World Championships for Rounds IX & X at Crandon Raceway in Crandon, WI August 31st through September 2nd.

2007/08/18 | 12:41 CET | Editor: MR/HS/Ben Wandahsega

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