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WSORR 2007: Keith Steele WSORR "Showdown in the Show-Me State" Report

Keith Steele and his #229 Monster Energy Goodyear Tire Chevrolet Silverado made the trek to Wheatland, Missouri, looking to build momentum for the 2008 season. After missing the first weekend of racing, the team has been a podium contender every time out.

After setting up their pit, and taking a look at the layout of the .82 mile long track at Lucas Oil Speedway, Keith decided this would be a great time to enter the Monster Energy Chevy in the PRO-2WD division, along with the Super Truck class. The track layout was very technical in design. It consisted of huge jumps, switchbacks, and a rhythm section that could test the mettle of every WSORR competitor. This would mean extra work for team, but crew chief, Jerry Edgerton and his crew were up for the task.

The Super Truck practice sessions saw Monster Energy Chevy top the charts, with a time of 1 minute, 4.445 seconds, with an average speed of 45.80 mph.

Saturday - SRT Super Truck - Round 11

The start saw Keith grab the hole shot with Dan Baudoux right on his bumper. At the end of the first lap, Baudoux made the pass for the lead, moving the #229 Monster Energy Goodyear Tire Chevrolet Silverado into second place. The top three trucks held their positions for the entire thirteen lap event.

At the checkered flag it was 1st-Baudoux, 2nd-Keith Steele, and 3rd-Wandahsega.

PRO-2WD - Round 12

Racing in the PRO-2WD division would allow Keith to gain valuable experience competing against some of the top PRO drivers in the country. The layout of track would give lower horsepower Super Trucks a more level playing field against faster PRO-2WDs.

The landrush start had Keith follow the pack, staying out of harmĀ“s way. Gradually the Monster Energy Super Truck passed a couple of competitors, and along with others having mechanical difficulties, and crossed the finish line, on the podium, in third place.

The finishing order was 1st?Dan Vanden Huvel Sr., 2nd-Brian Hinman, and 3rd-Keith Steele.

?Today, we were a part of some really great racing,? stated Keith Steele. ?To run hard and finish second to Dan Baudoux, and then to take third in PRO-2WD, is absolutely awesome. It was an honor to run with Taylor, Baudoux, Evans, and Oberg. Guys I?ve looked up to my entire career. ?

The team performed their usual overnight prep work, and the truck was deemed good to go for Sunday.

Sunday - SRT Super Truck - Round 12

The final round of the WSORR season saw another great battle between Keith and Dan Baudoux. The lead went back and forth with Baudoux staying out front after lap six. Then, on the final lap, Baudoux?s engine expired, moving the #229 Monster Energy Goodyear Tire Chevrolet Silverado into the lead. The official order at the finish was 1st-Keith Steele, 2nd-Ben Wandahsega, and 3rd-Dave Waldvogel.

PRO-2WD - Round 13

Keith was looking to gather more experience racing at PRO level. Again Keith started from the back gradually moving up to third place. Then with three laps to go, the #29 Monster Energy Chevy hit one of the 5500 lb. hay bales that lined various parts of the track. The collision broke the left front corner of the truck, ending the season for the team.

Afterwards Keith Steele commented, "This was the most fun I?ve had racing this truck. I can?t believe we ran as well as we did. We only had one set of Goodyear tires available for each day, and they held up very well. We really stressed our Wolverine engine and J & H transmission and they didn?t miss a beat. The racing with Dan Baudoux was unreal. We wanted to run in PRO-2WD to gain more experience, but at the same time we didn?t want to affect the outcome of their championship. We accomplished both. We were late getting our race program put together, but we really came on strong as the season went on."

"Thanks to Monster Energy, for giving us the opportunity to compete in the Super Truck division all year and as well as the final rounds in PRO-2WD. Again, thanks to my crew, family, and friends, for all their continued hard work and support. I can?t wait for the 2008 season to begin."

For the year, after competing in ten of the twelve rounds, Keith Steele finished the Lucas Oil WSORR Super Truck Championship in fifth place. During the season the Monster Energy Chevy finished in the Top 5 eight times, including two wins, two runner up finishes, two third place spots, and two fourth place positions.

Keith Steele also competed in the final two rounds of the PRO-2WD division, finishing on the podium in third place in Round 12.

2007/09/28 | 11:38 CET | Editor: MR/HS/Taylor Offroad Racing

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