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WSORR 2008: Team Wandahsega wins in front of Hometown.

The weekend started with practice Friday afternoon, Team Wandahsega had very high hopes for rounds 9 and 10. They got 3 laps to see how the truck was going to work, everything went good, only had to adjust the brakes and sway bar. Saturday's race began with a very rough second corner, as Ben entered the corner another competitor was being very aggressive and ran into him, knocking the steering wheel out of his hands, this dropped Ben and his Chevrlet back to 4th place, with a lot of catching up to do.

On lap two he had gained on third place, and ended up trying for a pass on the inside of the corner, the truck didn't stick, and slid in to him and spun both trucks out. He ended up third out of that, with still time to run down second, a few laps later we were on his back bumper. Ron Shreiner, for being his first year, has been doing a great job of driving, it took Wandahsega a while, but he made the pass. Now in second place, the leader by this time had a lot time to check out on the field, even though Ben had faster lap times than he did, it wasn't enough, Team Wandahsega would settle for second place. Keeping them in the hunt and yet again, consistant.

Sunday almost wasn't. Ben was in line for staging, went to start the truck, and nothing happened. The starter went out. Crew chief Mark Wirhanowicz went back to the pit to grab some tools, tried banging on it, wasn't working, tried jumping it, that didn't work either, finally after more pounding on it, it must have knocked it out of its dead spot and it started, with not a moment to spare. Talk about extra stress.

This time when the flag dropped Ben got a much cleaner start, came out in the second around the corner, Ron Shriener got the whole shot again, we stayed on him, and went for a outside pass in the loose dirt, the Toyo Tires grabbed and made the pass stick. From then on, Ben stretched out his lead and never were contended for the rest of the race. It felt great to win again in front of the home crowd, with all of the family there to see as well.

Team Wandahsega’s Wegner Motor and ATD transmission were still running strong at the end of the race, which aloud them to enter the Pro 2 race later in the day. Ben had to start in the back row, which for the start it wasn't bad, cause usually everyone pushes wide in the first corner. Ben had a good start, stayed with the pack for a while, Kevin Probst, the leader, ran away and was never challenged, second place dropped out, which then moved Ben up.

He was battling with Dan Vandenheuval, the points leader the entire race, Ben then made a mistake and he passed him, but Wandahsega was able to stay right with him, tried to pass him a few times, but couldn't get it done. Wandahsega made one last try coming into the last corner, made some contact, but then let off as he didn't want to mess up his points race and settled for fifth crossing the line. "That was a great race, never thought I'd be challenging for third place." Proclaimed Wandahsega after the race. Team Wandahsega was very happy with their finish in this race.

Overall the team had a great weekend, the Neo Synthetic Oils kept their Wegner motor and ATD transmission running perfect all weekend. The Toyo's hooked up on the loose Bark River track; Ben and his truck could run almost anywhere he wanted to on the track. The Lion's Club did a great job on giving the racers a good track to race on both days.

Going into Crandon, Wandahsega has 26 points to make up, its a long shot, but team Wandahsega will be ready to run up front looking for another Championship. To learn more about the Team please visit the official website at [ ].

2008/08/20 | 15:10 CET | Editor: MR/HS/Mark Miller

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